How to Decorate Your Room on the Cheap

Does your room look like an empty cell? Add some personality and colour to your dorm room with this simple and cheap decorating tips!



These are a  great and cheap way to both decorate your room and stave off homesickness. Print out your favourite photos of friends, family, nights out and holidays from your phone or facebook and make a cool photo-montage across a wall in your room!


Washi Tape

You can almost literally do anything with this stuff! Use it to edge shelves or to create cool patterns on your walls and furniture.



Paper decorations aren’t just for Christmas! Get crafty and make some pretty flowers or cool geometric shapes and use these to brighten up your room.


Fairy Lights

Suitable for EVERYONE fairy lights will make any room magical. If you’re not down with the fairy light style then get a simple lamp. The soft lighting will make your room much cozier.


Cover the Walls

With anything you like! (as long as it doesn’t damage the walls and you can take it down again) One of our favourites are these fake flowers!

In no time at all your room can be transformed into a delightful home :)



How to Beat Homesickness

Homesickness can be one of the worst things in the world, but don’t worry it’s perfectly natural and can be beaten off with these simple techniques that will make everything seem just so much better :)

Stay in Touch

If you miss your mum or someone else from home in particular then call them! They would love to hear from you and hearing their voice will cheer you up no end. When you speak to them try to keep the conversation positive and tell them all the good or  interesting things that have happened to you so far.

Be Positive

On that note, try to view things in a more positive light. Try to think of at least one thing a day that you like about your new home or college. This will work in no time at all.

Love your New Environment

Taking a few special things from home can help to make a new place feel more homey. But don’t try to turn your uni bedroom into a shrine of your room at home, instead try to love it for what makes it different.

Keep a Journal

You’ll be amazed at how quickly that this works! Instead of spending hours in your room thinking negative thoughts and suffering from homesickness instead try writing your feelings down. That way you can still experience them but can leave them in the journal instead of carrying them around with you all day.

We hope that these tips help and if you notice someone in your halls who seems to have the Freshers blues, why not do something to cheer them up? Even a friendly cup of tea helps!



Make the most of Events & Exhibitions in London

At UAL, we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of cultural events and opportunities, available right on our doorstep. SUARTS currently work with loads of high profile partners such as The Royal Academy of Arts, V&A, British Museum; exciting young companies such as craft beer company BrewDog, art suppliers CASS Art as well as the world’s largest student film festival Campus MovieFest. Through these partnerships we put on some amazing events for UAL students. This weekend lucky ticket holders will be heading to our Sixties Snapshot RA Late, and later this year we’ll be heading over to the British Museum for an SUARTS event themed around German Folktales.

But aside from these amazing events, as London residents we are so lucky to have easy access to some of the best exhibitions in the world, plus as students’ we can take advantage of some amazing discounted rates. There are loads’ of exhibitions and events going on across London at any one time, from fine art galleries to community projects, from theatre and dramatic performances to fates and festivals. Exciting huh?


Here at SUARTS we want to let you know about as many of these events as possible, to help you guys to make the most of your University experience. Whilst they might not always be relevant to your course, engaging in events is not only fun, but can give you a great breadth of inspiration for your own future projects. Plus you never know – you may find yourself working with these partners yourself in the future!  

Keep you eyes on the SUARTS website to keep up with all the amazing opportunities we offer through our partners, as well as our Tumblr and social media feeds, where we’ll strive to keep you in the loop with loads of the arts events going on in and around London. 


Cheap and Cheerful Ways to Decorate Your Room

Does your room look like this? Add some personality and colour to your dorm room with these simple and cheap decorating tips!


These are a  great and cheap way to both decorate your room and stave off homesickness. Print out your favourite photos of friends, family, nights out and holidays from your phone or facebook and make a cool photo-montage across a wall in your room!

Wasabi Tape

You can almost literally do anything with this stuff! Use it to edge shelves or to create cool patterns on your walls and furniture.


Paper decorations aren’t just for Christmas! Get crafty and make some pretty flowers or cool geometric shapes and use these to brighten up your room.

Fairy Lights

Suitable for EVERYONE fairy lights will make any room magical. If you’re not down with the fairy light style then get a simple lamp. The soft lighting will make your room much cozier.

Cover the Walls

With anything you like! (as long as it doesn’t damage the walls and you can take it down again) One of our favourites are these fake flowers!

In no time at all your room can be transformed into a delightful home :)


Freshers: what’s going on this week?

Last week was pretty intense…



Monday 6th October: Unspoken Barriers: black History Month

Join us for a month of informative talks and screenings to celebrate Black History Month. Starting with our Exhibition – 6 October – 15 November, Darkroom Gallery & Workshop Block Corridor. Also featuring: Future Conversations – Tuesday 14 October, 6-9pm, Podium Lecture Theatre and Film Screening – Tuesday 28 October, 6-9pm, Podium Lecture Theatre. And finally our Celebration Event – Thursday 30 October, 5pm onwards, Darkroom bar

Tuesday 7th October, 5pm: MA Mixer at LCF

Are you on the postgraduate programme? Feeling neglected and overlooked by the Freshers events on offer? Despair no longer. We’re having a mixer. Just. For .You That’s right. Grown up conversation, moderate drinking and sophisticated finger food (well, maybe it’ll be crisps, but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.) We will be hosting a picnic dinner on the roof terrace at our John Princes Street site where we will have a short talk followed by a Q and A session with a mystery Industry speaker.


Wednesday 8th October, 8pm: Horror Film Night

Do you like movies? Do you like FREE movies? Well then, the Horror Film Night is just the thing for you! It’ll be scary… very scary. Along with free popcorn and drinks, how could you go wrong? It all kicks off from 8pm in your common room.

Wednesday 8th October, 6pm: Postgrad Pub Quiz

Come and pit your general knowledge skills against your peers in a battle for the wooden spoon. Come on your own and we’ll set you up with a team. Prizes to be won and snacks provided. Open to all students, in link with the LCC Graduate School

Friday 10th October, 8pm: Student Night at Tiger, Tiger

Ready to go WILD?! Beat the lengthy queues and save your pennies with our exclusive UAL advanced tickets. Buy your tickets now for up to half price and party like a VIP


Saturday 11th October, 6.30pm: RA Lates: 60s Snapshot

We’re bringing the 1960s to life to honour the countercultural icon, Dennis Hopper. Inspired by the exhibition, Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album, we’re creating an evening of photography, interactive installations and immersive performances - all capturing the energy and spirit of this definitive era of hippies, Hells Angels, celebrities & civil rights activists. Atelier café will be serving up chocolate rum shakes and hotdogs. Guests are encouraged to bring their own sixties vibe and wear inspired black and whites on the night. Tickets just £5.

Freshers is sadly drawing to a close for another year, but there still a bit more fun to come. Tune in next week…


How to Meet People

Meeting people can seem scary or even impossible when you’re just starting out in a new place. So to help you out we’ve put together this little guide all about how to meet people.

Step 1 - Leave your room

This might sound really obvious but the first step to meeting people and exploring the world is often the hardest. But be brave and get out there.

Step 2 - Leave your door open

Not when you’re going out obviously, that wouldn’t be very safe. But if you’re in halls or a shared house try leaving your door propped open when you’re home as this will encourage others to pay you a visit and you’ll meet all your neighbours in no time.

Step 3  - Be friendly

Next time you’re going to make a cup of tea why not try knocking on your neighbours’ doors first and asking if they want some? Everyone is equally alone at the beginning and most people will appreciate a friendly visit.

Step 4 - Freshers Events

Check out our massive range of Freshers’ activities and pick out the ones that interest you. Going along to as many of these events that you can is a brilliant way of meeting people with similar interests to you.

Step 5 - Class

Go to all your classes and bond with your classmates. Whilst you’re there try to talk to people in different years or on different courses.

Step 6  - Join a club

Joining a society or sports club can be a great way to get out and about and to meet new people! There are plenty of clubs to choose from and if you don’t see one that takes your fancy, why not start your own?

That’s the theory, now it’s time to get on out there and put it into practice!


Traveling in London

London is a big city! Which means that chances are, you’ll need to plan some form of transportation to get you from A to Z. Whether that means taking the bus, tube, walking or even driving, its really important to keep informed on the best, quickest and safest routes. We’ve compiled a few top tips to keep in mind when traveling across the city.

Plan in advance!

London might be pretty thriving, but don’t forget that tubes and busses don’t run consistently 24 hours a day. Inform yourself on the first and last tubes of the day, and the night bus service, as well as any planned TFL improvement works to avoid leaving yourself stranded in the city.

Download Citymapper!

Of course in an ideal world we would know exactly where we are going, when and how. But unfortunately life isn’t as straightforward as that, and public transport is never as reliable as we would like it to be. The Citymapper App is a great tool for navigating London, as it works across all the different modes of transportation in London to find you the quickest and cheapest route. Plus, Citymapper has access to live status updates from TFL, and so can navigate you around those annoying disruptions.

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Freshers Anecdotes: Hannah Roberts - Education Officer

At Freshers’ festival last year we had a paint throwing stall, I got covered in powder paint and ended up cycling the 6 miles back home from Kings Cross looking like a packet of skittles! Top fun.

My favourite freshers’ memory from my first year has to be wandering around Euston for two hours attempting to find Koko for the club night… I would advise anyone going to either of the club nights to look up where you’re going beforehand! Learning London in the dark is a challenge but not one you want on your way to a party!

My top tip for all freshers is to get stuck in straight away, don’t hold yourself back because you think other people work might be better than yours. Everyone is in the same boat and you are all at university to learn and develop your practice. Jump in at the deep end and give it your very best! Good luck!


Global Day

UAL is a global community, with students coming from over 110 countries!


Our ‘Global Day’ as part of Freshers’ Festival is a great opportunity to meet people and learn about each other’s cultures, as well as have fun and of course eat a lot of free food! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Monday 13th October @ 4-7pm Meet at the Chelsea Banqueting Suite.


Freshers: what’s on this week? (lots!)

If you thought the last few weeks of Freshers shenanigans were good, you haven’t seen anything yet! Join us for the biggest (and bestest) week of the Freshers Calendar, quite possibly even your life, as we take you on a whirlwind of magical adventure. GO!


Monday 29th Sept, 11am: CSM Archway Tour

We will take you on a tour of the Archway campus and surrounding areas. Current students will be leading the tour giving you a chance to ask anything you need to get settled in to Art School.

Monday 29th Sept, 2pm: Stanley Kubrick Archive Tour

Stanley Kubrick Archives Tour + Film Screening in partnership with UAL Archives and Special Collection Centre.

Monday 29th Sept, 3pm: MiAL Meets the Freshers

Watch out for the MiAL team this Freshers week, we’re coming to a campus near you! Made in Arts London supports UAL students to develop the skills, experience and connections necessary to sustain their creative practice during their time and college and post-graduation.


Monday 29th Sept, 7pm: LGBTQ Freshers Social

UAL LGBTQ Society invites you to join us for a night out in Soho to kickstart your freshers. There will be something for everyone as we party our way through the West End.

Monday 29th Sept, 11am: Junk to Gems: 101 Makeover Tips

We’ll give you some ideas, you come up with the rest – come along for a fun time and photo shoot line up – you will create, through shape/ colour/texture, a personalized outfit that you can then take away with you, along with the photo shoot outcome as a memento of the session.

Read More


Living London: Art Shops

Term has begun and what better way to celebrate than by splashing out on a shiny new set of stationery? Here’s our roundup of the best art shops in London:

College Shops

Did you know your college has a shop? Whilst the college shops might not have the largest selection you can’t beat them for convenience so if you arrive to class missing something then don’t worry about it! Just head down to the college shop and they’ll sort you out.


Everyone knows the name CASS Art and for a reason. This chain or art shops has a massive selection and student deals and discounts to die for! Check out the one closest to you.

Atlantis Art

This shop is a bit of a mission to get to unless you live in East London but well worth the trek for the amazing savings you can make! Well known to have some of the best prices around on painting supplies Atlantis is worth a visit especially if you’re stocking up.

London Graphic Centre

Brilliant for it’s central location and wide selection this shop has everything you need for drawing and painting. As well as this is has a fun range of quirky gifts and things you didn’t even know you needed!

L. Cornelissen and Son

This place is a magical treasure trove of art and antiquity. This shop combines the rarest and finest of art materials along with all the basics in a shop that looks like it’s straight from Diagon Alley!


Freshers: Anecdotes and Advice from the Sabbs!

"I remember when I first started at ARTS and trying to understand how night buses worked…I got to my 3rd year and still make it onto the wrong bus occasionally. Best advice: get a friend who understands night buses. Or ask the bus driver- they’re usually  caring enough to explain what number bus you need to catch!”

Honor Severs - Activities and Volunteering Officer


Induction Time

It’s the first week of university and that means inductions! Here’s how to get the most from yours…

Course Induction

This will likely happen in the first week or so and is a great way to meet your new classmates and get the low-down on what will be happening in your first year. The induction will help you settle in and get to know your campus better as well as introducing you to the requirements of the year. Details will be in your personal timetable.

Specialised Equipment Induction

If you will/or think you will be wanting to use any of the specialised machinery and equipment at any point in your degree you will most likely need to complete an induction first. This is to teach you how to safely use the equipment and to provide you with details on its various uses. Relevant equipment inductions might be included within your lectures, however, you can also book inductions online via moodle.


Freshers: what’s on this week?

Hello Freshers! Who’s ready for yet another fun-filled week of fantastic events? Find out what’s on this week and hope to see you all there!

Monday 22nd Sept, 11am: Camberwell Orienteering

Get to know Camberwell’s best spots with a treasure hunt of the area, and prizes for the winner. Compass optional. Meet outside Camberwell College of Arts.

Tuesday 23rd Sept, 7pm: Camberwell Pub Crawl

Prepare to party the night away in one of London’s most up and coming areas. A chance to get to know the area and select your future local. The trip will include: The Tiger, The Grand Union, Storm Bird and Camberwell Arms.

Wednesday 24th Sept, 2pm: Sports Day

Come along for a fun packed afternoon of sporting activity. Bring your friends, meet new mates and get involved!

Wednesday 24th Sept, 7pm: Wimbledon Pub Quiz

A night for all you Wimbledon freshers to get your brains in gear! Come down and meet people from your college and courses, as well as us friendly folk from the Students’ Union. There will be lots of rounds, including music, art (obviously), films, theatre etc. etc. and if you have any suggestions of fun rounds then let us know!

Thursday 25th Sept, 12pm:Treasure Hunt

We want you to know where to find the Students’ Union. We have a new office at Lime grove. We are doing a treasure hunt to make finding us fun! Lame? Yeah, ok. A bit. OK. A lot BUT! The prize is pretty great. A year’s membership to the Barbican. See, have faith in us!

Thursday 25th Sept, 1pm: LCC Tour

Come and join us for a tour of LCC! Find out about all there is to see and do on campus, meet other LCC students, make sure that you don’t get lost on your first day with this handy preview.

Thursday 25th Sept, 6.30pm: SW London Pub Crawl

Get to grips with the streets of South London on a drinking-route through with your SU. Get to know your fellow students over a drink or several whilst taking in the sights of beautiful South West London.

Friday 26th Sept, 12pm: Funding Foundation

Come along to this talk about the future of Foundation courses and join the fight! Foundation Art and Design courses are at risk of being cut by the Government. Students do not have any financial support. UAL is making big changes to the course this year which could reduce the number of spaces available. The fees system is discriminatory: depending on how old students are, or where they are from.

Friday 26th Sept, 6pm: Evening Cycling Tour with Critical Mass

Bring your own bicycle or rent a Boris bike from across the road. This is a great opportunity to cycle in a big group, ask questions about cycling in London and more generally enjoy an evening cycling around the city in a large group with no cars!

Saturday 27th Sept, 2pm: Trip to the Saatchi Gallery

Join the Students’ Union for a trip to the Saatchi Gallery to see “Pangaea: New art from African and Latin America” and “Abstract America Today” - two really exciting exhibitions and completely FREE.

Saturday 27th Sept, 11.30am: Deptford Market Trip

Deptford Market is down in the South East of London and hosts a variety of stalls. Some of our favourite items of clothing have come from here for a mere £1! Come down, wander round, meet people and grab a bargain.

Sunday 28th Sept, 12.30pm: Columbia Road Flower Market Trip

On Sunday the street is transformed into oasis of foliage and flowers. The air is intense with the scent of flowers and the chant of the barrow boys “Everthin’ a fiver”? We’ll head down towards the end of the day to try and grab some bargains!

Sunday 28th Sept, 9pm: UAL Welcome Party

Join us at the Darkroom LCC for the annual welcome party - your chance to meet and mingle with fellow UAL freshers. There are only 400 tickets available therefore buying in advance is highly recommended. Drinks Prices: Spirit and mixers from £2.20 Shots from £1 Cocktails from £2.50 Pints from £2.40 Music: Some of the best dj’s on the London club circuit playing the best in - House // Bass // EDM // Hip Hop // Garage // Chart // Commercial Tickets - Tickets are £5 and available from -


Living in London

London is a massive city, home to over 8 million people, there’s lots to see and do but discovering the good bits can be tricky. So we’ve put together a series of fun and inspirational posts on the theme of what to see and do in London. So to start us off with a bang here we’ll list our top 5 things to do in London!

1.Visit a Museum

London is jam-packed with galleries and museums but one of our favourites is the V&A. It has collections to interest everyone, all housed in a beautiful building. Extra points if you visit at night during one of the famous Late Nights.

2. Lunch in a Park

London may not seem like the leafiest of cities but you’ll be surprised! London features some of the most beautiful parks in the work, why not take a trip down to Kew Gardens for a sandwich?

3. See some Theatre

The West End is the home of theatre in London, and if you think tickets are too expensive, you’re wrong! Lots of theatres have a student standby scheme to get great last minute seats. And many others reserve a number of seats each day for concessions on a first come first served basis so get queuing!

4. Have a Drink

London is well known for its historic pubs so come down and visit one of the finest! Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is one of the oldest pubs in London, enter its winding catacombs and explore all the secret nooks as you enjoy one of the more reasonably priced pints in the city.

5. Go Shopping

If you want the traditional British shopping experience then forget Harrods and visit Liberty. Set just behind Oxford Street Liberty is a hub of traditional Britishness all set within a beautiful wooden building and known world-over for its original floral prints.

We hope this gets you started off in your exploration of London and stay tuned for more updates in the series as we reveal the very best of things to do in London.