Design the trophies and certificates for this year’s UAL Teaching Awards!

The Awards Formerly Known as White Square return, with the Students’ Union and UAL giving you the opportunity to nominate your favourite teachers and course reps from 16 April. Winners receive fortune, glory, trophies and certificates and we would like YOU to design them! We’re offering two £650 commissions for trophies and two £75 commissions for certificates. Read the brief, get sketching and submit your proposal by 25 April (just an idea - the finished pieces are needed by 29 May).


Did you come to the Made in Arts London: Bigger, Brighter, Bolder private view? If not, here are some snaps from the night itself. And if you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, come along to UAL Showroom in High Holborn, where it will be on until 23 May. MiAL are also organising some events as well as popping up in a couple of other London venues over the coming months: watch this space!


Germany Divided Competition


We recently announced our latest creative opportunity, delivered with our friends at the British Museum to celebrate their latest exhibition, Germany Divided. Submit a piece of work inspired by the exhibition for a chance to have it displayed as the British Museum’s Facebook banner as well as other fab prizes. Here’s a piece whipped up here in SUARTS HQ: we challenge you to do better!*

Read more about this great opportunity and submit your entry before 14 April!

*We know you can do better. We realise this is not in the least bit challenging. But enter anyway.


1800 @ The Bear, Camberwell

Need we say any more?! Come join us for the third instalment of 1800, this time going on in The Bear from 6pm. See some art, have a beer, meet some fellow students!


Xhibit2014 - installation in progress…

Our artists and designers are installing their work in Art Bermondsey today! Xhibit2014 opens on Friday: come along between 11am - 5pm from Friday until Monday (or drop in for the late night opening on Friday until 8.30pm) and see some of the best work from students across UAL. A range of disciplines are on show from Foundation to MA level, come join us!


ArtsFems exhibition: call for submissions


I think the poster says it all, don’t you?! Get your submissions in by 14 February to


Xhibit2014: Judges in the Spotlight #3

This time round we spoke with Xhibit judge Rosie Black, who’s the Activities & Volunteering Officer at SUARTS. She told us about her time studying at Camberwell, creative opportunities for students, SUARTS campaigns and what she likes best about being a judge for Xhibit2014.

You studied at Camberwell, how do you look back on your time there? Do you think there are enough opportunities open to students to showcase their creativity there? 

Looking back at my time at Camberwell it seems like it was and continues to be one of the most thriving creative communities I could’ve been involved in. What’s great about Camberwell is that it has such a robust sense of community so the opportunities that arise to showcase your work are often implemented in a collaborative sense, with other students. With frequent exhibitions throughout a student’s time there and a great connection to local galleries and creative platforms it provides students with opportunities they wouldn’t want to miss.

Why did you want to be part of this year’s Xhibit panel? What will you be looking for in the judging process?

Being part of Xhibit this year really clarifies some of the objectives I set out for myself being a sabbatical officer. It really allows me to interact with the creative opportunities that are available to our student body and gives me a sense of excitement being back in a flourishing, creative environment. I will be looking for Xhibit2014 to be as representative as possible of the work that comes out of UAL. Aside from that I am most excited to see emerging artists getting an opportunity to showcase their work on this platform.

Xhibit is focussed on showcasing and championing student work, do you think there is enough access to their output? Why are opportunities like this important?

Art is undoubtedly becoming more and more saturated. With more artists than opportunity, Xhibit gives our students a chance to get their ideas and ambition seen. Any opportunity given to an emerging artist that can give an understanding of life outside of their degree is a good thing. I’m happy to be part of the support that’s being given to such talent.

What have you and the rest of the sabbatical team got planned for the year ahead?

As a sabb I don’t think you can ever summarise all of what you do or intend to do, as many things are ongoing. However, we continue to support the teaching strikes and the battle to implement a Living Wage. We also will continue to fight for affordable housing for students and carers. Alongside that we are campaigning for access to all facilities for all UAL students, implementing international scholarships and becoming more FE focused, considering the cuts to their education. The list could go on…

Submissions are still open for Xhibit2014, but you’ve got to get your submission in TODAY! SUARTS’ annual juried exhibition of work by students from across UAL. Read more about Xhibit and submit your work here


Xhibit2014: Drink Shop & Do Networking Event

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Xhibit2014 celebration and networking event at Drink Shop & Do on 13 February. This will be an opportunity for all selected Xhibit artists and designers to meet SUARTS staff, Xhibit judges and each other, have a chat about plans for Xhibit, learn more about the professional practice mentoring they’ll receive from The Art Insider and get crafty over a drink or two! We’re really excited about this and all other aspects of Xhibit2014 so we thought we’d share it with you!

Drink Shop & Do and The Art Insider are just two of the fab supporters we have for Xhibit2014. Also supporting the event are wagamama, Tatty Devine and Made in Arts London (read our interviews with Tatty Devine’s Harriet Vine and Made in Arts London’s Kate Rintoul).

The deadline to submit your work for consideration for Xhibit2014 is almost here! Get your submission in by Friday 31 January!


Creative Opportunity from the V&A Museum of Childhood

Would you like to be involved in the V&A Museum of Childhood’s latest Friday Late? Celebrating the Afro Supa World display, here comes Friday Night Live Supa World on Friday 7 February from 6 - 10pm for adults. UAL students are invited to take part in the event by styling funky Afro makeovers! Each participating student will receive a V&A gift voucher worth £25. To take part, email Janet Browne at the V&A with your name and telephone number by Wednesday 29 January: that’s tomorrow!!


Xhibit2014: Judges in the Spotlight #2

Next in our series of interviews with Xhibit judges is Kate Rintoul, Coordinator of Made in Arts London, SUARTS’ commercial platform for UAL’s emerging artists and designers. Here Kate tells us about her student experience at LCC, what she looks for when selecting work for Xhibit and Made in Arts London and what she likes best about working with emerging creatives.


You studied at LCC, how do you look back on your time there? Do you think there were enough opportunities open to students to showcase their creativity?

I was a little bit lost before going to LCC - I’d started a degree in Anthropology previously but wanted to find a more direct path to start making documentaries so I enrolled on the really hands-on Fda Journalism course. I don’t for a second espouse the ‘square peg’ approach to University but when I got to LCC things started to fall into place for me. I made the most of every opportunity I could and started collaborating on projects with students from the other colleges and courses. It was fantastic to be part of such a diverse University and at LCC I really enjoyed getting to know the great technicians and learning how to do things.

I think there were and still are plenty of opportunities for students to showcase their creativity – the main difficulty is in communicating them and making sure students are engaged. Because it was my second time round at university and I had something to compare it to I definitely sought out opportunities to promote my own work and also to see other peoples though I have to say that once I’d actually started working more with other departments for Made in Arts London (MiAL), I realised I had only scratched the surface of everything that UAL can offer.

Your role at Made in Arts London means you see a lot of student art and design, what will you be looking for in the judging process, what will stand out for you?

When looking for new students to work with and making the final selections for MiAL I always try and gauge how engaged people are in their work and how they talk about it. It’s really frustrating when students with great work are apathetic about it and even if the work is good it can affect the way you see it. I also think that working with emerging artists it is important to feel that they are committed to making work – even if they are still at an experimental stage and playing with different mediums, if I am asking the public to enjoy and invest time or sometimes money into a piece of art, I like to be sure that the person who made it feels the same.

You provide the main source of artist liaison for MiAL, what do you enjoy about working with artists and designers at the start of their career?

The students who apply and go on to be part of projects like MiAL and Xhibit are tenacious and while they might still be finding their confidence they have an underlying belief in what they do and so it is great be able to encourage them and see them develop. In a city like London and with over 20,000 students at UAL and the knowledge of all the other arts graduates out there, sometimes it is pretty terrifying to decide you want to be an artist or designer and I really like being the person to recognise and celebrate this. Made in Arts London and our artists have grown together and supported each other. This means I’ve built some amazing working relationships with some inspiriting artists and designers in the last few years and I genuinely love seeing what they are up to and sharing their creations, stories and success with the wider world.

Submissions are now open for Xhibit2014, SUARTS’ annual juried exhibition of work by students from across UAL. Read more about Xhibit and submit your work by 31 January. Interested in Made in Arts London? They’re also looking for submissions by 31 January, find out more on the MiAL website.


Xhibit2014: your Art Insider mentoring

If you are selected to take part in Xhibit2014 (deadline 31 January!), you don’t just have your work exhibited at Art Bermondsey this February. You’ll also get to take part in a series of mentoring seminars from The Art Insider, designed to enhance your professional skills and give you a valuable insight into working within the art world. The seminar series will focus on the following themes:

- Business skills for artists

- How the gallery system works

- Funding and sponsorship

- Creating activity and income streams

- How to sell yourself

- Marketing and PR strategies

- Understanding copyright

- Setting up and launching an exhibition

We’d be surprised if you even reached the end of that incredible list before submitting your work for consideration

Xhibit2014: deadline for entries 31 January


Fancy designing a wedding invitation?

Alexine and James contacted us with this opportunity: any graphic designers or illustrators interested in a mini-commission?


The Coffee Art Project

The Coffee Art Project is an art competition and exhibition running as part of UK Coffee Week 2014. Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to submit work based around the themes of ‘coffee’ or ‘coffee shop experience’ to be exhibited as part of UK Coffee Week from 20 - 30 March and to be in with a chance of winning £1500 (or £250 for a number of runners-up). You’ll find more info over on Coffee Art Project, register your entries by 28 February.

Above is last year’s winning piece, entitled Tanzania, by LCC graduate Claudine O’Sullivan.


Xhibit2014: Judges in the Spotlight #1

With submissions now open for this year’s Xhibit we thought we’d chat with some of our judges to find out more about their work, what they like in other peoples’ work and their impressions of Xhibit. First up is Harriet Vine, who is Creative Director of Tatty Devine, a company designing and micro-manufacturing a fab range of jewellery here in the UK:


Tatty Devine has been such a runaway success in the world of fashion that people might not realise that you actually studied fine art at Chelsea College of Arts. How do you remember your time at Chelsea?

I remember Chelsea very fondly - I had a brilliant time! I always intended to be an artist and I created paintings inspired by romance novel covers. The tutors were totally inspirational and the whole experience played a really important role in my life.

Why did you want to be part of the judging panel for Xhibit and what are you looking forward to from the experience?

I love seeing innovation and new ideas at work. It’s great to see people beginning to be aware of what they can create. The quality of work is fantastic, too. You can always rely on UAL to produce work of incredibly high calibre.

What do you think we can see or discover in looking at art and design works created by students?

There’s a real freshness to students’ work. You can always sense when someone is genuinely excited by the world around them.

Tatty Devine is going to be 15 next year – quite a milestone. What keeps you inspired to create? And what are your plans for the year ahead?

I don’t really need to be inspired to keep designing. Creativity is in my blood! It’s amazing to be celebrating 15 years of Tatty Devine. We have lots of exciting plans, including the re-issue of 15 pieces of jewellery from our archive and some exciting collaborations, too. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Submissions are now open for Xhibit2014, SUARTS’ annual juried exhibition of work by students from across UAL. Read more about Xhibit and submit your work by 31 January.


Xhibit2014 is open for entries!

Xhibit - now in its 17th year - is an annual juried exhibition organised by SUARTS showing work by students from across UAL’s six colleges and spanning all disciplines. Judged by a panel of industry experts, Xhibit champions future creatives and introduces London to the best and brightest artists and designers in the city.

Xhibit2014 takes place in Art Bermondsey from 28th February to 3rd March and if you would like your work to be considered, submissions are now OPEN! Read about how and when to submit over on and submit your work for consideration by 31st January!

Submit your work now!