Fantastic Children's Hangers! Dream Bike Amazing world you had to crawl inside! Unbelievably detailed destruction! Cutest story of war-time marriage! GIANT BOUNCY MOUTH! ME INSIDE GIANT BOUNCY MOUTH! I loved this Creative Block! Full of inspirational quotes & activity! For all year round creative un-blocking!



Today I was lucky enough to have the afternoon to go visit Camberwell College of Art and Design and look round their final year show. I was absolutely blown away by the artwork, concepts and talent on display, so first thing is first, well bloomin’ done to all of you!

The incredible amount of thought and expertise that have clearly gone into the works are amazing; from the cheeky ‘slap me’ bottoms, that light up as you give them a good pinch to the incredible bouncy castle that teach children (and today - me!) about digestion, I was totally overwhelmed. Creativity was palpable in the air and I must say it was very exciting to know that  I will be helping to support next year’s students through the SU’s ‘Connect’ project.

I have absolute reems of pictures on my phone, so I have tried to stream-line them to give you a small gallery of my favorite pieces today!

So thank you Camberwell; and good luck for the future final year-ers, looks like there is lots to look forward to for you all!

For anyone who wants to visit there is an Open House this Saturday 23rd June from 11am - 5pm. There will be workshops for all ages running until 4pm too!

For more info:

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